A powerful, yet accessible solution to empower your next virtual or hybrid event:

Host engaging event   |   Grow opportunities for attendees   |   Increase ROI for sponsors

Event format

Price per event


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For event agencies

Hosting variety of events

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Features & tech specification

Platforms for attendees

Native Android app

Native iOS app

Web-based app

Access for attendees

  • Open access (anyone with the event hashtag can enter)
  • Passcode-protected access (anyone with the password can enter)
  • Ticket-ID access (access is granted only to holders of a valid ticket)

Tools for organisers

Organiser Portal

End-to-end solution to set up the event, upload content, manage attendees,
and measure the engagement

Building the event

Import attendee-related data

  • Open API to connect (almost) any ticketing portal
  • Possibility to import existing attendee database

Set branding

Adjust the color scheme to match Your brand

Attendee ticket-based roles

Looking to upsell some of the more expensive tickets?
Adjust the app environment for each ticket class.


Attendee networking & meeting scheduling,
Program & live-stream,
Virtual round-tables,
Workshop registration,
Virtual exhibition,
Custom lists,
Live announcements,
…and much more

Sponsorship promotion

Increase ROI for sponsors

  • Virtual exhibitor booths – active or innactive
  • Sponsored virtual roundtable debates
  • Customise the experience accordingly for different sponsorship categories

Video rooms

  • Live Stream – unlimited viewers per stage
  • Round-tables & Virtual expo – up to 15 attendees / room
  • 1 to 1 online meetups – up to 4 attendees / room, ∞ number of rooms


  • Slido – powerful tool for collecting live Q&A from the audience
  • – powerful tool for rating speakers
  • Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo – video players for live streaming


Acess to all data during the event – as well as an access to your past events content for 12 months +

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