• The competition is open to any student clubs, societies, groups and individuals based in London, referred to simply as “groups” below, for simplicity.

  • Participating groups that are found to be involved in any unlawful or hateful activities cannot participate in this competition. Groups must be represented by at least one representative that is 18+ years. Their identity will be validated during the official event at the end of the competition.

  • Each participating group needs to collect a minimum of 15 lottery tickets in order to be considered for a prize.

  • The lucky winners of the grand £1,000 and £500 prizes will be chosen at random.

  • The best performing group (The one to collect the most tickets) will be rewarded with a £200 prize. This complementary prize moves on to the second best-performing group if the best-performing one happens to also be the winner of one of the grand prizes of £1,000 or £500. In case of a draw between 2 or more different groups, the £200 will be split equally.

  • Discovery of any kind of unfair behaviour by one of the competing clubs will lead to their disqualification from the competition.

  • The company reserves the right to change the conditions of the competition at any time.

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