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Make your world brighter

Hey you, I know it can get tough out there in the real world. But embrace the discomfort because soon you will get oh so comfortable. Here are some hot tips on how to better yourself and build up your power.

A healthy mind keeps you unconfined!

Smile more says Doctor David Solly :)

Your mood may be as dark as a stormy sky, but eventually you need to find the light behind the clouds. Start with yourself, smile more. Research has shown that faking a smile will actually improve your mood. So if you want to become more approachable (or just want to shake your mood into a positive one) then you should try smiling. You don’t want to be caught with your RBF (Resting B***h Face) on! To see all the beneficial effects of wearing your “fake” smile, check out Doctor Solly’s article. Once you’ve mastered the fake smile trick, you won’t have to fake it anymore because you will find that more people want to be around you and you will start to build your support system of awesome people.

Think in the same way that you want to feel

Are you the grouch on the couch in your family or even at work? You may need to invest in some more sleep, but if that is not plausible with your busy schedule try thinking about what good things (or beautiful ones) happened to you through the day. Remind yourself of the moments that made you feel proud (like when your colleague gave you a compliment) or happy during your day; even if it was something small like seeing a very big dog (or a dude with a funny looking shirt!). Do not let negatives overtake your life. Share those positives with others and listen to theirs, let the happiness of others rub off on you!

Your mood can improve when you HUG people!

Did you know that even an act, as simple as hugging, can boost your health in many different ways? Yes, it is true, many research studies have concluded that hugging someone can prove to be an especially healthy act.

Think of a moment where you were so happy/relaxed and you could relive that moment over and over again. Those moments are great to experience. I know I experience them with many people who have made a big impact in my life. Although you can't relive the same moment twice, you sure can come close. Continuously meeting new people will bring you both good and bad experiences. The better you remember the good interactions the more comfortable you will become with meeting new people. Meeting someone new is sort of like public speaking, which many people hate. If you think of it with an open and relaxed mind then conversations tend to go a bit smoother. The more conversations you have the more practice you will get. It is important that you practice your offline speaking skills because although you can hide behind your screen, you aren’t really fixing anything. It is more important to build relationships with other people through verbal and in-person interactions. Think about your main form of communication, do those you text everyday truly know you and how you feel? If you need help with making those realistic conversations happen you should download ImpromptMe in the App Store or Google Play store.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Create and write down goals

Are you feeling down? Set yourself some goals that are achievable and will bring you a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes life throws *poop* at you and you get desperate, frustrated, mad, sad and everything in between. But if you set a simple goal to achieve every day (walk 1,000 steps/day for example), you will get at least a side smile when you reach it. And that goodness will rub off on other aspects of your life...and others will notice too!

Explore/Go on an adventure

Feeling like the last, stale piece of bread in the bag? Breathe some thrill into your life by exploring new interests or trying out new adventurous activities. Do it for yourself and don’t mind anyone else. If you enjoy stand-up, why not sign-up for an open mic day where you can tell some funny stories. Or if you are into activities, why not join a hiking group? You will sweat aaaand do it as part of a team aaaand make some friends! If outdoor stuff is not your thing, there's plenty of interesting stuff you can explore like playing board games with strangers (you can do that in Prague, at this place )!

Put yourself first

Sometimes everything is slightly overwhelming. Make time for yourself and reflect on the why’s behind whatever is going on. Express what you need and cut lose whatever you don’t. In the famous words of Janis Joplin:

Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.

Confidence doesn’t rhyme with anything but it’s good for you!

Talk to strangers

It can be in stores, when you are walking about or when you are having a coffee at a cafe. Even though it may be intimidating at first, you will quickly get the hang of it and you will be pleasantly surprised at how kind and receptive people can be to what you have to say. Of course remember that there are plenty of a$$ holes so don’t get discouraged if someone is less than nice (it’s their loss).

Talk to animals

Don’t feel like talking to people? I get you, animals tend to be better at listening and they don’t offer unsolicited advice to your problems. Not to mention they can actually keep a secret! Sometimes it’s very helpful to talk to your dog or even the birds on the tree outside your window. Sometimes you don’t need the wise words of others; all you need is a pair of animal ears to listen.

Be yourself, meaning, share your unique perspective, personality and opinion.

Sometimes conversation topics may seem boring but you must realize that it is not what you talk about but rather how you talk about it. If you are open and willing to share your very own views, you will find that others will be receptive to this, even if they don’t sympathize with your stance. Our fear of sharing too much about ourselves (in a “what will they think of me” kind of way) keeps us from truly connecting with people and in turn keeps us in shallow terms with them. Encourage yourself to go deep (that’s where the treasure is).

Pep yourself up (give yourself a clap in front of the mirror if you have to)

Believe it or not, pep talks help. But they only help to the extent that you want them too. The idea is simple, when you wake up every day, acknowledge the good in you. If you’re looking fly, give yourself a clap in front of the mirror. If you are feeling down or unmotivated, create a list of your “best bits” and remind yourself of the positive things others have said about you. Most importantly remember this: the way you speak to yourself matters, so do it right.

Now go out there and be the most awesome YOU that you can be. I bet you not only will you feel wonderful, others will gravitate towards you to share and!

Meet real people and be part a community!