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Freelancing? Surround Yourself with People.

Prague is a hot spot for tourists, the IT world, and recently the ever growing sea of freelancers. The Czech Republic is known for its well educated workforce and many expats are drawn to its creative and relaxed working atmosphere. This atmosphere is taking a beautiful, kind of amorphous form, due to the increase in popularity of freelancing. Freelancers are self-employed and most often hired by more than one company to work on a variety of tasks. This new popular way of working has lead to more people working from home, cafes and co-working spaces.

These new and hip co-working spaces and cafes appear to be a perfect place to get the wheels turning on a new adventure. Although, if you are a freelancer, your average day involves you and your computer mostly. This can lead to less and less human interaction on a daily basis. Sometimes being a modern-day nomad or freelancer can be lonely, and a chat with someone interesting may be all you need to keep going through the day. Or perhaps you’re one of those that is trying to do something, trying to start something, so the question becomes: How do I find the right people to discuss my ideas and share knowledge? Or the right people to collaborate with?

In a traditional working environment, usually you meet people constantly. You have a wealth of brains to pick on and sources of insight to learn from. But how do you surround yourself with these kinds of people when you are not in a 9-5 job at an office?

Coworking spaces can be a good start, maybe even some cafes might prove helpful, but it’s going to take more than that for you to find the right people. You will have to network your way through the sea of professionals that surround you, seeking for those that will be thrilled by what you want to discuss or the project you are keen on launching. However, this is no easy task (not many things in life are cupcakes and unicorns) since sometimes it involves you attending networking events or reaching out to people on platforms like LinkedIn, where direct contact is not facilitated very much or is not personal at all because it is online (think about it, you don’t build a relationship with a screen, not really).

Since you do not know everyone, it’s important to search the crowds around you and wonder: Who are all of these people? You never know which person may have the creative mind that you are looking for, or perhaps the analytical mind to compliment your creative one. There are many grand stories of how people have met their greatest support (co-founders, angels, collaborators and team members). Look into the stories of Paypal, Airbnb, Spotify, Warby Parker, or even Dropbox and you will see how differently they all started, but there is one thing in common. Their founders met in person, built a relationship and shared ideas to make it to where they are now. With around 1.25 million people living in Prague, you are bound to be surrounded by the right people who can support you!

Maybe you’ll even make some friends along the way too. Of course, to get going on your journey to meet new people, you will need some tools to help you along the way. For group meetups you can usually refer to the reliable or Facebook events for big group meetups. Eventbrite can be helpful with more structured events as well. However, there is only so much you can get from a big group meetup since there never is enough time to meet everyone. If what you want is to find a like-minded person that you can talk to on a one-to-one basis, the ImpromptMe app is the one to check out. Meetups are organized by the app itself and you just show up and talk to the other person, face to face. Is there a better way to network and build valuable relationships? I don’t think so!

Learn to text less and talk more in this highly digital world. Because even though technology has advanced dramatically, the power of people remains well...on people themselves. Join a community that wants to network, socialize and collaborate in person. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or just a curious one, share your story and your thinking with others...because you never know how the person sitting across from you could help you be heard.

Meet real people and be part a community!