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Become an ant at the Anthill Cafe

Walking along one of Vinohrady’s busiest streets, the café is easy to overlook. A simple window storefront topped by two long rectangular wooden boards with the white letters, AntHill, adds to the multitude of businesses. Just peering inside to calculate the benefits of stopping for a cup of coffee would compare to well, anthill. Don’t worry, I’m not saying that the storefront looks like a simple pile of dirt.The front room is just the entryway to one of the best kept secrets in Prague 2.

Like an anthill, the more you explore the café, the more you find. Friendly waiters and waitresses greet you in their trendy, tropical uniform shirts as you walk through the door. A glance at the display case exhibits the fresh bakes of the day alongside delicious overnight oats and exotic fruits used in the products. Tucked in the back corner of the entrance is a door to the library. Containing several seats, the library is reserved for quiet study and work surrounded by books and comfy chairs at tables. If you venture down the winding stairs, you find yourself in a spacious, open room with plentiful seating. On a platform in one of the basement corners sits low tables with fluffy, floral, large cushions and pillows surrounding them. Smooth jazz music plays softly in the background. People occupy tables here and there, but not enough to give off an overcrowded feeling.

On the walls, they rotate art of local Prague artists; a different collection every month. This month, the numerous paintings are thought stimulating, amusing, and entertaining. Showing the viewer everyday objects can still be creative and used in infinite ways.

A menu on a tea stained paper, to appear old and browning, secured together with twine, lays on the table. The pages are filled with Vietnamese drip black coffee varieties depending on sweetness, matcha drinks, café classics, and other exotic smoothies. Light, healthy snacks are listed next to the daily bakes.

Inspiration for the café comes from the parents of the owners, current students at university in Prague. Their parents lived through Thời bao cấp, the subsidized period, in Vietnam. One of the most difficult periods in Vietnamese history, where the state controlled every material object, food, and education. Without the option to invest happiness in concrete objects, the population of Vietnam found their joy in the people around them. Is it upsetting to be envious of these people? Who had so little and struggled through the day to day. The owners hope people come to the café to relax from our fast moving world judged on likes, and devote time to strengthening relationships or starting new ones.

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Location: Americka 39, Praha 2
Hours: Monday- Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00
Telephone Number: +420 775 080 196

Meet real people and be part a community!