FAQ & Support


  • Why can’t I message other users?

    This is one of our favorite features! It encourages people to skip the online hassle and get to a face-to-face meeting in a matter of hours, meanwhile the app takes care of all the organisational details.

    You stay safe while meeting in public places provided by the app and at the same time you get the opportunity to start forming meaningful bonds in person.

  • Is this a dating app?

    NO! We believe that arranging a date requires people already knowing each other a bit in person and having some sympathies for one another.

    ImpromptMe is a safe place for people to meet on friendly basis and we will take strong steps against people who would automatically consider the meeting with someone via ImpromptMe a date. If you are interested in this kinds of a service, there are better options out there and we highly recommend you use them instead.

  • What is networking about?

    Networking is actively searching for people who could be intellectually and professionally beneficial for you and vice versa.

  • What is the response rate?

    The response rate is a way to tell you how likely a user is to respond and/or accept your invitation based on prior meetups.

  • Are there any rules?

    Yes. Just as you would behave with a new friend elsewhere, please be respectful, arrive on time, and cancel as soon as possible if something comes up. We are simply asking our users to show common courtesy.


  • Why doesn’t ImpromptMe work in my city?

    We appreciate your interest and are planning to expand soon! We are currently active in London and Prague. If you’d like us to expand to your city next, throw us an email and we will do our best! :)

  • Can somebody see my location?

    No, never. We cannot stress enough how important your safety is to us. Users around you are displayed, but you do not know how far away they are or in which direction they are located - this works both ways. ImpromptMe also does not track your movement, we only store your last known location while you are using the app so we can match you with the right people and venues.


  • What sort of venues will I see when creating a meet-up?

    We always try to search for the ideal meeting points for both you and the user you are meeting with. This is why we show you the list of venues that are located approximately halfway between you and the person you are meeting with, from which you can freely choose, based on your preferences.

  • Can I search for specific kind of venues?

    Yes. Just tap while choosing the venue in order to filter venues around you based on their type (cafe, restaurant, bar) and price category (cheap, moderate, expensive, very expensive) In the future, we will be expanding on filtering options to provide you with even better service.

  • When can I get my free beer?

    Once you collect 2 or more credits, you can redeem a free beer at one of our partner venues - these are marked with . The voucher number becomes visible when the meetup status changes to active, meaning you’ve arrived to the given location.

  • How do I redeem my free beer?

    Go to a meetup at one of our partner venues (see the list of those under your profile) We will give you your voucher number on the meetup card once you’ve arrived to the location. Remember to show this voucher number to your waiter and then simply enjoy your free beer!


  • Is meeting someone new via ImpromptMe safe?

    It’s as safe as meeting new people gets. For safety reasons, we allow the initial meetup to be organised in public places only, which is much safer option than to agreeing to meet in a park or a user’s home. On top of that, you get to know the person straight away and decide if you want to share private information, as opposed to meeting online, sharing private information, and later regretting it.

  • How can I secure a meetup?

    The best thing you can do is to invite multiple invitation for about the same time and send them to multiple people. The moment first of them says yes, other invitations will be automatically cancelled by the app.

  • I’m going to be late for the meeting! What should I do?

    If you are late for a current meetup, please go to your meetups (accessible from the bottom menu). Click on the given meetup card, which will allow you to choose between a few options: reschedule (only available 1 hour prior to the meetup) or I'm late (available 60min and less prior to the meetup).

  • The person I was supposed to meet didn’t arrive. What now?

    We are very unhappy and sorry to hear that. Your comfort and enjoyment is our priority. If you want to report this person, please go onto his or her's profile. Click on and then select what went wrong.

    The report is where you will be able to elaborate on what happened. Please give as much details as possible so we can accommodate your situation and help you as best as we can.

    Your feedback is highly valuable for our community. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Why am I not receiving any invites?

    Make sure to to check your visibility setting on your profile. We also recommend that you fill in your profile with a recognizable picture, an interesting description and a filled-in occupation section, to improve your chances of getting invited. However, the best way to meet someone new is to take the initiative and invite someone yourself!

  • What is “my treat!” option?

    This feature is designed to give you the option of paying for a coffee, meal or drink that you are arranging. It is a great feature to use when arranging a professional meet-up, for example, if you want to pick someone’s brain for industry insights!

Deactivating, Reporting, and Banning

  • Can I deactivate my account?

    Your account is deactivated automatically after three weeks of your inactivity. This means you won’t be shown to any other users and you won’t receive any invites. Alternatively, you can set yourself to invisible under your profile setting.

  • Can I report someone I’ve met via ImpromptMe?

    We take your safety and feedback very seriously and so we encourage you to report any user at any time if you had an unfortunate experience or encounter. If you had any unpleasant experiences with the person you met, go onto his/her profile and click .

  • My account was banned!

    If 2 or more people have reported your account for a serious reason, you may be banned.

    If this happens please reach out to HereToHelp@impromptme.com. We urge you to communicate with our support staff politely, otherwise your request might be ignored.

More questions?

Do you still have a question about ImpromptMe app? Reach out to our support team and we will get back to you. Just please remember to be respectful to our support team - we are all nice people here :)