Privacy policy

Welcome to the ImpromptMe Privacy Policy. We understand that providing us with any personal or sensitive information about yourself involves a great amount of trust. For this reason, it is very important to us that you understand and are aware of HOW we use the information we get access to, as well as WHAT kind of data we collect and WHY. Please read the following carefully.

Data we collect

At ImpromptMe, we collect some basic data about each user in order to be able to identify each one within our app. However not all of this information is public - your email address, telephone number, surname and date of birth are not visible to other users in order to protect your privacy. This information is either retrieved from your Facebook/LinkedIn account, upon your initial login, or you provide us with it when creating your account directly with us. Publicly visible data include; your profile picture, first (given) name, age, gender, occupation, company, link to your linkedin account (if you logged in using LinkedIn or you connected your profile with LinkedIn) and your personal description. Note; Some of you data can not be changed after the registration, this includes following; Your email address, telephone number, date of birth, name and gender.

Since ImpromptMe is a location-based service, we collect location data about you, as well as other active users. This allows us to (a) recommend users that are nearby for you to choose from and (b) show you the venues located within the ideal distance between you and your chosen stranger when you decide to meet up. However, we understand that your exact location is something you want to keep private, which is why we never make it available for others to see. You are only visible to others within a radius of 5 kilometers (3 miles). More importantly, we do not track your movements - we only store your last known location on our servers. We can also store your prefered location if you choose to set it filters - you can always adjust or delete this by changing your location back to”current location”.

In order to use ImpromptMe, you have to allow the app to access your current location whenever you are using the app. This way we are capable to retrieve your most recent location and show you users in your area. However, we only store your location data for maximum of one month. After that, we will delete those data or replace them with more recent data - if available. Note that this refresh can happen only upon opening the app. Therefore if you do not open the app for more than 30 days, your account will be temporarily deactivated - until the next time you access it. This also means you will not be shown to any other users and will not receive any invitations. The way to prevent this is to allow our app to access your location EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT USING THE APP. This can be adjusted either upon registration or later on in the setting on your phone. If you allow us to access your location even when not using the app, we will be able to refresh your last known-location up to several times per day and hence recommend you to people nearby constantly.

We may also collect IP addresses and the ID of devices for our users’ own safety and comfort. We do not use this data on regular basis - only in case of an emergency. For example if some user is reported multiple times for an inappropriate behaviour towards others, we might use those details to prevent him or her from accessing our system and by doing so make it more comfortable and enjoyable for others to use.

How we use data we collect

We may use your e-mail address for the authentication of your profile when you create your account directly with us. We may also contact you via email from time to time when our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy change.

We use your telephone number to validate your account. We put safety of our users first, which is why we use this kind of account validation. We do not and will not share your telephone number with any third parties.

We highly value your feedback and we want to be aware of both, your positive and negative experience with our app. With your consent, we may contact you via email, text message or call you directly and ask you for your feedback. If you do not consent to being contacted for feedback, we will not reach out to you for this matter.

We consider the protection of your personal data to be of high priority. That is why we never share your contact details (email address, IP address or ID number of your device) with any third party, unless we are required by law to do so - for example if you were suspected of taking part in some illegal activity.

However, we share certain data about meetups organized via our app with specific venues which you decide to go to via our app, that is: The exact meetup time.

We may also use and share other, non-personal information with third parties such as advisors, investors, advertisers and other parties involved in our business. This non-personal information may include, but is not limited to, the traffic of our users on promoted venues displayed within the app, devices used for installing the app, etc. All this data is de-identified from your persona before use.

You can view the data we have collected about you at any time. You can also ask for that data to be permanently deleted by contacting us via email at and we will delete it within a period of 30 days.