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...Because everything begins with a handshake!

Focus on what is it that really matters to you during your next conference… and leave the rest on ImpromptMe Conference app.


Stay up-to-date.

Find out about everything that’s going on during the conference. Check the calendar, see what’s interesting to you & find out more about speakers before going in there.


Never miss anything ever again!

Create your own agenda. Get notified on time about upcoming lectures, events and meetings you aim to attend.


Meet all the interesting people you desire with ease!

ImpromptMe Conference gives you a super-easy way to schedule one-to-one meetings with all the interesting people you want with a few clicks! After all… Everything only begins with a handshake.

What you get

1:1 meetings

Browse & filter other attendees based on your specific preferences & schedule a meeting with them with just a few taps on the screen.


Check the program days before the conference starts. Preview given sessions and mark the most interesting ones to you, so you don’t forget about them.


Get notified about any upcoming events you aim to attend - be it sessions or 1:1 meetings with other attendees.

Access from anywhere

...Be it in the office, home in bed or during the conference. With our web solution, android and iOS application we have everyone covered.

Happy networking!

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