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The app for organizers who care about their attendees’ satisfaction

All-in-one conference app powered by premium networking tool. Made in the Czech Republic.

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"I was able to quickly arrange a meeting... we had no issues finding each other."

"It was pretty cool! I was able to quickly arrange a meeting with a very interesting woman and we had no issues finding each other. The best part is that we truly got along and chances are we will work together in the future!"

Pavlína Louženská
Pavlína Louženská Designer of Change at manGoweb and #holkyzmarketingu

1:1 Networking, Your key to success

Empower attendees to schedule 1:1 meetings for the exact time and place with others in advance - hassle-free.

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Advanced app customization

No matter what your event needs are, we have you covered. Leverage advanced customization to create the best possible app for your event.

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Fair approach

All-in-one solution for everyone. We don't charge by features - pick all that suit your event free of additional costs!

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Access from anywhere

...Be it in the office, home in bed or during the conference. With our web solution, Android and iOS application we have everyone covered.

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Easy to set-up & manage

Create in advance, update live

Create and customize your event app according to your needs. Connect your ticketing portal, upload content and change it whenever.

Communicate with attendees

Mailing tool to onboard attendees, push-notification to update them on any last minute changes. Whatever happens, we have you covered.

Collect data, improve the experience

Analyze the engagement before, during and after the event. Powerful analytics are your secret weapon.

"... I managed to arrange meetings with others straight away."

"As a savvy investor, I frequently attend conferences and come across many event apps which are rarely great. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the ImpromptMe app which I found easy to navigate and I managed to arrange meetings with others straight away."

Nicole Vavrecka
Nicole Vavrecka Specialist of Innovation Strategic Concepts at Czech Technical University in Prague

What you get

All features included

Event calendar, speakers, sponsors, workshops, live Q&A, personal agenda and some more useful modules come with the app automatically at no extra cost. Take advantage of that!

Ticketing portal integrations

Numerous major ticketing portals integrations available, enabling you to link attendee data with an ease

Ticket-based roles

Assign specific roles, filters or other abilities to attendees based on the ticket type they’ve purchased.


Make the event app environment yours! Change colors, upload your logo, decide which modules you want to use

User onboarding

Through the combination of social media logins, ticketing portals integration and the multi-event app we increase the number of users with a properly filled-in profile with every event

All events in one app

Increase user adoption and engagement by reliving your users of the pain of having to install a new event app for each conference.