Let’s spend less time on our screens,
and more time with one another.

#BurstTheBubble - Join the movement!
Skip the online hassle and meet real people today.

Currently available for use only in Prague and London. Other cities coming soon!

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Tired of online chatting?
Prefer to meet in person?

Expand your social and
professional network today!


Invite someone you find interesting
Search for people in your area who are excited to meet new friends and expand their network.


At a specific time
Find a time that works for both of you.


Go to a cafe, a restaurant, or a bar nearby
Choose one of many venues nearby, between the two of you.


And simply meet & enjoy!
No need to waste your time online. Personality is too complex to be expressed in a few lines of text, it has to be experienced!

Making new friends
and valuable professional connections is simple.

You just need to meet them first.

Currently available for use only in Prague and London. Other cities coming soon!

Why do we do it?

Technology connected the world, but disconnected people. It shifted our focus from creating quality relationships with others to creating a vast number of shallow connections instead. It got us messaging each other instead of talking to each other. Our team is on the mission to bring the focus back to face-to-face interactions in this digital age.

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